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  • 10 Useful Tips to Boost Online Sales

    10 Useful Tips to Boost Online Sales

    Before actually starting your own website, you need to have some prerequisite knowledge. The foremost and most vital thing is to know how you can use your website to increase traffic and consequently, boost online sales. This article focuses on some major tactics you can implement to boost online sales. Intelligent marketing Advertising, if done […]

  • Color Psychology – Maximize Your Branding Through Correct Color Use

    Colour psychology is one of the most controversial topics when it comes to branding and marketing. Most people question the theory and wonder how colour can actually influence how people perceive a brand. How could color persuade customers to be more actionable in terms of making purchases? It does have an impact. Color psychology in […]

  • SEO: Understanding Meta Tags

    SEO: Understanding Meta Tags

    Basically, Meta Tags are the title or “ head” that you decide to give to your web page. They are used by Search Engine crawlers to ascertain what category your page should be listed under. You need to give careful consideration to your title as it is not like writing a headline for a newspaper […]

  • How to Write Great Content for Adsense Site

    Getting great Adsense content on your website is not rocket science; in fact the key to a great inflow of traffic on your website and accessing the ads, is good quality content, internet users will return to.

  • 4 Tips to Go Beyond Google Analytics Reporting Tools in Web Analytics

    Google Analytics is one the most popular user insight and digital marketing tools in existence, and for good reason. Something between 30-50 million websites currently use the service to obtain SEO analytics, traffic reports, and insights from the competition. However, when it comes to getting the data that you need, you can definitely do better. […]

  • 15 Quick Ways to Shrink Page Load Times

    15 Quick Ways to Shrink Page Load Times

    While more and more people are using faster Internet connections, there seems to be less emphasis by web developers on optimizing pages for faster load times. We’re seeing more and more widgets and javascript-heavy pages that take a long time to load, even on fast Internet connections. It’s a breath of fresh air when a […]

  • Digital Marketing Success – What It Is Made Of

    Digital Marketing Success – What It Is Made Of

    What are the important parts of digital marketing that you wouldn’t want to miss? Digital marketing can be simple to complex, depending on how the company designs it. The company can determine whether they need to add or remove some strategies should the need arises. However, there are part of digital marketing that are not […]