Top 4 Ways of Citations for Local SEO

Search engine optimization has taken over the online business completely. Google has upgraded its search spider algorithm to include non-traditional stuff like pictures, movies and other local listings in SERPS (search engine result page). Recent study shows that people using Google searches are inclined more towards Google Places results than other outcomes. Google has optimized and made use of new algorithms for Google listings, to make things work. For this, every webpage needs to have a Google Places link on it, to be included in SERPs. Once you have the relevant images and videos on your webpage, citation comes into play.

Citation is simply making your webpage available to the search engine spider to improve your page ranking. This is done by listing your webpage in multiple places. The following tips can aid you in making yours:

Get Registered with ‘The Aggregators’

The Aggregators are directories or software programs that accumulate web pages on the basis of certain information. To make yourself publicly available, you need to place your web link on all the directories that people skim through to find the relevant page.

Keep an ‘Eagle Eye’ on your competitors

To be successful, you need to keep an eye on your competitors to make sure you aren’t lagging behind in anything. See where they have listed their businesses and list yourself accordingly. The search can be made using the area code or their company name. Google search relevant to your interest might be a few pages ahead.

Social networking

Today, the world is revolving around social networks. You shouldn’t stay behind. Make a catchy business page on every social network running, especially LinkedIn, MySpace, Orkut, Facebook and Twitter. Give your detailed contact information and make your page informative with respect to your work.

Many bloggers offer their page services to local businesses. Blogging generates remarkable amounts of traffic. With your page link on a fully functional blog, your business can flourish. Look for blogs related to your business. For example, if you own a restaurant, look for food blogs. Carry out the search with the city name and the blog type you are interested in.

After thoroughly searching for a local blog, move towards a national one. Place your business information on famously known national blogs.

Phone Directories or Newspapers

Local people, when looking for a certain business, do not just filter through search engines. People tend to read newspapers and look into phone directories more often, as they can find whatever they are looking for in their own locality.

Newspapers usually have business advertisement columns. Place your business information together with your contact info on all local newspapers. Include the same information in telephone directories. Do an online search with your city name and phone directories. You’d be given a list of local directories that can help expand your business. The same can be done for local newspapers.

Furthermore, you can search for relevant fields like ‘medicine directories’. This way you’d have more narrowed choices.

These tips show how to start looking for citations for local SEO. Follow them as initial steps to finding your own.

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